Mosaic Planet has ongoing involvement in a very wide spectrum of activities and projects in the field of Contemporary Public Art - from small neighbourhood installations and ephemeral work, to town centre revitalization initiatives in large scale. We have won numerous contracts and competitions to produce public art in different cities.

Our public art project experience and capacities include:

Pebble Mosaics

Byzantine Glass
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Fountains, Pools


Earth Works
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Metal Sculpture

Concrete Sculpture
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Resin Casting

Community/Neighbourhood Projects, or Housing Development Settings

Art Works Integrated into Landscaping & Paving Plans

Consultation for integrating art into new developments, plazas, parks, gathering areas
Other possibilities include:
•Grottos •Temples •Seating •Memorials

We create uniquely detailed public works in mosaic and /or sculpture. Our success with this ambitious approach to public art objects is due to more than craftsmanship in physical execution. Mosaic Planet craftsmanship begins with careful and thorough consideration of context, idea and design. Then our public art can more successfully meet the challenges, the spirit, and the opportunities of the setting. The long-term durability of the physical work, its practical suitability, and its appeal can be better ensured.